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Small-Business Owners’ Biggest Retirement Mistake

 After spending a lifetime concentrating on their companies, many small-business owners find themselves in a tough spot near the end of their careers. They’ve neglected planning for succession or a sale. Kiplinger - Smart Insights from Professional Advisers By Nick Giacoumakis, IAR/Investment Adviser, CEPA, President & Founder at New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc.Investors often enjoy the excitement that comes with a strong bull market as we watch our [...]

Why Entrepreneurs Should Open a Solo 401(k)

Stoyan Panayotov, CFA  June 19, 2017 Investopedia The solo 401(k) plan is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to save money for retirement and reduce their current tax bill. These plans are often ignored and overshadowed by the more popular corporate 401(k) and SEP IRA plans. In fact, there is a lack of widely available public information about them. Simply put, not many people know about it. Solo or one participant [...]

Best Time to Buy Big-Ticket Items

By KAITLIN PITSKER, Staff Writer From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, June 2017 To every car, appliance or home, there is a season. You could save a bundle if you make major purchases at times when prices are most likely Car. In early fall, dealers are trying to clear their lots to make room for the new models, so you’re likely to find generous discounts, cash rebates and extra-low-interest financing on the [...]