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Our financial planning is a simple four step process to help you manage and grow your financial wealth.

Yes! Our financial planning services are available to any professional or entrepeneur – we do not require our clients to have an exceptionally high net worth in order to qualify for advice and planning services that you are in the perfect situation to benefit from now.

Easy – just give us a call, stop by one of our offices, or fill out our contact form and our financial planning team will reach out to you to set up an appointment.

Once we have met with you and discussed your financial goals, we can help you to manage your current cashflow and debt, teach you how to grow your wealth, and safely enjoy it while still protecting it for tomorrow. We will create a unique blueprint that will become your Financial Plan. This plan will include steps on how to address your areas of concern and how to accomplish your goals.

We will meet with you either in person, by video conference, over the phone, or through email whenever you need us to. We do schedule formal meetings at least once a year to provide you a comprehensive report of your portfolio’s performance and analysis.

You do! NextWave Wealth will never have custody (physical possession or acess) to your funds, or assets. Instead, your assets are “held” by independent thrid-party custodians who report to you on your assets and activity.

Typically, you can expect quarterly reports on your investments from your asset custodian, although you can request comprehensive reports or updates at any time from NextWave Wealth. Also, at least once a year we will meet with you to discuss your portfolio’s performance.

Yes, our initial consultation is completely free. This meeting is primarily to help everyone get comfortable in conversation with each other and to see if we are the best fit for your needs.

For your initial consultation, we will ask you to bring the most recent of the following financial statements:

  • Bank statements (checking and savings)
  • Credit Card or Loan Statements
  • Current Investments
  • Employer Provided Retirement Plans
  • Tax Return
  • List of Questions You Have and Your Current Financial Goals

NextWave Wealth adheres to a strict information Privacy Policy. We also use secure links when creating your Personal Client Website.

We do not trade frequently in our client accounts but may rebalance the account according to  careful constructed procedures. We may also make changes to the portfolio under other circumstances such as:

  • Market circumstances
  • A change in your personal circumstances
  • Market changes

During our planning process, we will discuss your goals and preferences for your investments, so that when an opportunity arises to further your goals, we can grasp it before it is gone. Generally, the investment market is a fasted paced environment and this may mean that we are unable to consult you prior to every trade opportunity. We will only make trades persuiant to your best interest and based on your investment goals. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss changes or trades made and of course, your asset custodians will provide immediately trade confirmations. Also, all trades and changes will be reflected on your next report from your custodian as well as in your annual reports from NextWave Wealth.

We are a fee-based investment and financial advisory firm. Our compensation is derived from fees charged for fianancial planning and investment management. This means we are paid by you and not from commissions gained from products we reccomend – so you know that we are representing your best interest and not pushing sales or products you don’t need.

No. It is actually illegal for us (or any investment advisory firm) to claim a guarantee on investment returns. We do, however, put forth a lot of time, energy, experience, knowledge, and research into our practices which we believe can help you reach your financial planning and investment goals.

A fiduciary is someone who represents your interests – even above their own interests. Under this Fiduciary Standard, we are required to act with undivided loyalty to you (our client). This also includes the disclosure of how we are compensated and any conflicts of interest. NextWave Wealth is an independent financial advisory firm that holds itself to this Fiduciary Standard.

No, we do not have any disciplinary citations against us, and we have had any in our 13 years of Financial Planning experience.

Simplicity is the Key to Brilliance” – Bruce Lee

One may not think that the words of Bruce Lee would shape an investment philosophy; however, keeping things simple helps keep everything transparent, thus reinforcing the trust we must earn as your Advisors.  If you are interested in professional Investment Advice and Management, know that we take pride in the extra effort we put in to ensure your investments accurately mirror what you are trying to accomplish with them.  Every Client is different and their investments should reflect that.

You can contact our office at (813) 448-6367 or ask your question in our online contact form.